Interstellar Adventure Puzzle Race

JUNE 25th, 2016

Where will the journey take you?

Assemble a 4-person crew and prepare for the biggest adventure in Denver.

Your team will race to make first contact with an alien civilization light years away by solving puzzles, interacting with the environment, and fulfilling a narrative that will lead you all over Denver. You’ll need a car, the internet, adventurous spirits, and of course a towel.

Limited number of slots available.

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Your journey will begin at noon, June 25th, at the Colorado Freedom Memorial at 756 Telluride St, Aurora, CO 80011. From there, crews will be given books outlining their voyage and set loose to explore the vast unknown.

An awards ceremony will take place at a secret undisclosed location (hint: it’s a Denver brewery) at 10pm. A silent auction will be held to sell off critical in-game puzzle pieces after the race.

Throughout the year, pregame puzzles have been released to give crews a taste of what’s to come. These were designed to be solved within 2 weeks. They are more difficult than the game day puzzles, which were all designed to be solved within an hour.

[Pre-game Puzzles]

Bon Voyage Denver is a nonprofit charity organization. 100% volunteer run and 100% of the proceeds donated to support local military families. Registration is $100 per team. Same day registrations welcome but show up by 1130 to guarantee admission.

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